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Like other parenting stages, the college years can be joyful and frustrating, heart-warming and heart-breaking…often on the same day. It’s important to have someone to talk things over with, which is why the College Parent Magazine website and community is designed as a conversation with close friends. Great conversations start with great questions, so we reached out to college parents like you to create The CPM Top 10. Then we dig deeper. Wondering how to help your student stay healthy and safe? Check out Health and Safety. Preparing for a campus visit? Click on Student Life. Of course, lots of things come up that don’t have a simple answer. That’s why we offer thought-provoking, timely blogs and articles by college parents and subject experts as our main feature. To find the stories that speak most directly to your journey, and to engage with other parents, join our Facebook group and sign up for our weekly newsletter, The Loop.

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