Health and Safety

What if my student gets sick? What can he do to cope better with stress? Is it safe for her to walk around campus at night? What is my role in a campus emergency? His roommate seems really unhappy — should he tell someone? How do I talk to my student about sexual health and assault prevention?

For many of us, this is the first time our students have lived away from home and that raises lots of concerns. Some students go to college with existing physical and mental health issues. Others will develop minor or major health issues during the college years and may even be faced with challenging safety or family situations. Health and Safety aims to reduce your fears with sound information and reassurance. To connect with other parents and pose your own Health and Safety questions, please join our Facebook group.

Staying Safe on Campus

Encourage your student to be proactive about protecting personal safety, their belongings and their identity by sharing this checklist. Lock residence hall room at all times. Take valuable items home over breaks. Register laptops and bikes with the campus police department, and always lock bikes — preferably with a high-quality u-lock. Sign up for emergency “campus alerts” (this may be an option for parents, too). Trade family phone numbers/emails with roommate(s). Attend campus trainings on sexual assault prevention and bystander intervention. Party safely and use the buddy system. Consider personal safety keychain alarms or pepper spray. Utilize campus police...