As a freshman parent, I wish I’d known…

Our Top 10 FAQs are only the tip of the college parenting iceberg. Here are more reflections from experienced college parents.

That it’s okay not to hear very often from your student. I would run into friends who could tell me what their son or daughter had for breakfast. I knew I was taking a healthy approach to parenting a college student, but always had those moments of self-doubt.”

“That missing his hometown girlfriend would be such a big factor in my son’s adjustment.”

“That many first-years come home for Thanksgiving thinking they want to transfer. It can take a semester or two for a student to feel at home. And no college is perfect. Some successful students never ‘love’ their school.”

That mental health of roommates and friends would affect my children. They needed to become amateur therapists and it impacted their studies and their own stress. Students need training in how to deal with this.”

“Not to schedule a family trip over Thanksgiving break. My son just wanted to see his high school friends, sleep in his own bed, eat his favorite foods and recharge.”

That it isn’t the end of the world if your student decides to take a year off. It helped my son grow up and focus on why he’s at college in the first place.”

How much I would miss him — right to my core. People tell you, but you don’t really know until it happens.”

How quickly my daughters would adapt to being away, on their own, and not in need of much from me at all (except tuition payments).”

“To wait until I’m asked to offer advice — listen more than I talk.”

“Not to worry about whether my daughter was wearing flip-flops or boots (in Chicago in winter). If they are smart enough to attend college, they can figure out what to wear.”

“To research mental health resources near my child’s college just in case. Finding resources from a distance can be difficult.”

That it would be hard to hear his voice when he was sick or down and not be able to immediately help because I’m thousands of miles away.”

Not to miss the school’s FAFSA deadline!”

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